Drum Lesson Downloads, Australian Workshop and New Come2Drum T-Shirt!

Warrnambool, Victoria on the Great Ocean road will host a Piping and Drumming Workshop next weekend, May 7-9th 2010.  The instruction team will be led by Bob Worrall and James Laughlin, a recital will be held by by both instructors as well as Jono Quay and David Welsh.  Check out the flyer for the South West Coast Piper Drummer Workshop 2010. The Workshop is ran by the Warrnambool and Districts Pipe Band under the leadership of Donald Blair.

Scottish Piping and Drumming

Warrnambool and District Pipe Band Logo

Come2Drum.com is delighted to announce the release of DRUM LESSON DOWNLOADS! They are the most comprehensive pipe band drumming learning solution ever.  James Laughlin’s drum lesson downloads utilise visual, kinesthetic and auditory methods to enhance your learning experience.  Scottish Drummers, Kit Drummers and Orchestral Percussionists are enjoying this tool to improve their technique, stick control and dynamic range.  Check it out at www.come2drum.com.

Two years ago, COME2DRUM released the very cool, super popular C2D Tee!  The T-Shirt sold out at the Ozzie National Pipe Band Championships in Sydney, at the New Zealand National Pipe Band Championships in Christchurch and at other C2D drumming events.  We are delighted to announce that we have the Black and White Tee back in stock.  NEW – We have just released the Light blue C2D Tee  (a limited stock).  Email us directly if you would like your own Tee!  James@come2drum.com

C2D Tee's

Only 3 months until the World Pipe Band Championships…keep posted for updates and news from around the globe.

Happy Drumming…and Piping!

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