Pipe Band Update!

It has been 6 weeks now since my last Blog update, pretty bad I know! July through October are pipe band months of mayhem as many of you would know.  The piping and drumming season in the Northern Hemisphere has been electric for a few months now, with a few major pipe band championships including the World and Cowal Championships, the Piping live Festival, the Edinburgh Tatoo, the Solo piping circuit and many other bagpipe-related events.

The World Pipe Band Championships, held in Glasgow Green, hosted a day-long event with 100’s of pipe bands from all over the World.  2010 saw my 12th attendance at the Championship, every year brings a different result, different atmoshphere and different tune.  No matter what Sunny Scotland delivers in the way of weather, Glasgow Green always puts on an amazing day of music, highland events and dancing.

If you were fortunate enough to be there for the big day, then you can re-live some of the Grade 1 pipe band highlights on the BBC website. St Laurence O’Toole, Dublin’s finest, took the title for the first time, they also took the drumming prize for the second time.  Check out the full World Pipe Band Championship results on the RSPBA website.

So what’s in store after all of these pipe band events that we have had on offer? Well, this month in Canberra Australia you will have the opportunity to attend a Pipe Band Workshop with top bagpiping and scottish drumming instructors – Tyler Fry, Jim Kilpatrick, James Laughlin, Richard Hawke, Greg Wilson and Jori Chisholm.  Another workshop will also be taking place in Noosa with James Laughlin, Tyler Fry, Jori Chisholm and Richard Hawke. Check out both sites below for more details on how to register for these unique pipe band workshops.

Next month offers up a treat for your piping and drumming fanatics – the World Solo Drumming Championships, The Glenfiddich Championship and the Silver Chanter contest.  Check out the RSPBA website for more details on the World solo drumming event.

What’s new at Come2Drum? Well, since July we have put on a sale on the “Learn Pipe Band Drumming” Book and MP3 recordings – get in soon to enjoy the half-price sale.  We have also launched the C2D Hand Towel – this is particularly suitable for drummers or musicians who experience sweaty palms before or during a performance.

More and more people have enjoyed learning Scottish drumming using our instant downloads from www.come2drum.com. The downloads are quick and easy to access – you can start learning or improving your pipe band drumming with the click of a button.

Needing pipe band supplies?  Check out our online shop for a wide range of  Scottish drumming products.  You can shop from the comfort of your own home, and we deliver direct to anywhere Worldwide.

Canberra Piping and Drumming Workshop 2010

Noosa Piping and Drumming Workshop 2010

Brought to you by COME2DRUM – the internet’s premier resource for pipe band drumming education.  Come2Drum is a leading supplier of pipe band drumming products and offers professional Scottish drumming tuition.


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