Learn Pipe Band Drumming

Scottish Drumming, believe it or not, is more popular now than ever before.  There are more pipe band drummers throughout the World enjoying this great hobby than in previous years or decades.  You would be astonished at the diverstity of ages, social backgrounds and talents that want to come together and play Scottish drums.  Some of my recent students for example have been : a Lawyer (38 years old), a Farmer (23 years old), a Retired gentleman (60 years old), a drum kit instructor(35 years old) and a heap of young students in primary and high school.  

So what attracts all of these talented people to play in the pipe band world?  Well, I can only hazard a guess, and report on some of the feedback I hear from students. Passion for Scottish tradition, music and culture.  This is the main reason I come back to time and time again. The sound of the Scottish Bagpipe and the swing of the snare drum is certainly unique, and almost mesmerising.  I know for me as a young student, it was the coolness of playing drums, and the funkiness of the bagpipe that appealed to me.  Over a short time, you catch the pipe band  bug!

Scottish drumming has become so Global in every way. People are traveling 1000’s of miles for competitions, workshops and tuition.  With the culture spreading so far and wide, people have found it increasingly more dificult to access quality education, tuition and learning materials.  To make this less of an issue, Come2Drum.com has put together some great pipe band drumming resources, services and tools to make it all more accessible to the global Scottish drumming fraternity.

So what is available to those who want to learn more about Scottish drumming?

Learn Pipe Band Drumming Book and MP3’s – Available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD or a hard copy book. The perfect start for any snare drummer. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate player trying to improve the basics, or a drummer with a different background dabbling in scottish drumming for the first time, this 65 page e-book and 43 track MP3 accompaniment outlines snare drumming from the very basics of learning how to hold the stick, understanding basic theory, developing basic rhythms, mastering the essential rudiments and learning your first drum settings.

Scottish Drum Scores to Download –

The collection of pipe band drum scores are all composed by James Laughlin.  James focusses strongly on the ensemble aspect of composition, all drum scores match and enhance the bagpipe melody to offer the listener a balance of excitement and swing. Click on your favourite pipe band drum score and have it instantly in your inbox with a clearly written drum score, and a high quality recording!

Free Pipe Band Drum Socres –  Enjoy 100 + Free Scottish drum scores at http://www.come2drum.com

Online Pipe Band Drumming Lessons – Scottish drumming lessons available to anyone in the World who wants to enjoy quality tuition from a World Champion drummer.   The drumming lessons are performed over Skype with web cam and mic – the results have been amazing!

You can also check out the following Youtube, Twitter and Facebook pages to keep you informed with information about Scottish drumming and the Pipe Band scene :

C2D Scottish Drumming Facebook Page

C2D Scottish Drumming Youtube Channel

C2D Scottish Drumming Twitter Page

Brought to you by http://www.come2drum.com

– Your Pipe Band Drumming Supplier and Educator.

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