Pipe Band Drum Scores from the RUC – for instant download

For all of you pipe band drumming enthusiasts out there, you can now download the Pipe Band Drumming Compositions Book by the RUC Drum Corps.  Featured composers include the late Bobby Rea, Gary Corkin, Robert Holland and other drummers from the RUC drum corps.

The RUC Drum corps became World Champions in 2000 at the World Pipe Band Championships – they are renowned as one of the Worlds finest drum corps’.

Some personal highlights from the book – Bobby Rea’s Lord Alexander Kennedy, his score for the Cameronian Rant and Robert Holland’s Cathy’s Willie Reel that featured in the Worlds Medley of 2000.

These scores are ideal for the intermediate and advanced Scottish drummer, many of todays top professional pipe band drummers are playing these scores.

You can now download the book instantly from www.come2drum.com or you can even just download one chapter at a time.

I hope you all enjoy these top pipe band drum scores.

Brought to you by http://www.come2drum.com – Your pipe band educator and Scottish drumming supplier.


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