Drumming Solo Results, Christchurch 2010

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2010 Kaiapoi pipe band drumming solos.  I would like to congratulate all of the prize winners in all of the grades.  In particular, well done to a few of my students from St Andrews College who attained the following results below :

Under 21 MSR Event

1st Place Jake Broadhurst, 2nd Place Aaron Mitchell, 3rd Place James Murray

B Grade Drumming

1st Place Harry Guy, 2nd Place Hamish Petersen

C Grade Drumming

1st Place Jake Broadhurst, 2nd Place Aaron Mitchell

D Grade Drumming

March Event

1st Place James Murray, 3rd Place Michael Jenkins

Strathspey and Reel Event

1st Place Michael Jenkins, 3rd Place Miles Dover

Novice Drumming

1st place  = Madison Taylor & Miles Dover, 2nd Place Mat MacGeorge


2 thoughts on “Drumming Solo Results, Christchurch 2010

  1. Hello,

    I am organising The Drum Festival in Little River, Banks Peninsula, on 1st/2nd March and have for the past 2 events tried unsuccessfully to have some Scottish drummers. Could you please help? A contact name or group would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Marcus Puentener ph 325 1014

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