Palmerston North Sq Day Pipe Band Contest, 2010

As always, Palmy North put on a fine day of rain and gale force winds – perfect weather for bagpipes and drums!

PM Martin Frewen, winner of the Grade 1 contest

The Auckland and District Pipe Band won the contest overall, with two competitive performances. The other Grade 1 bands also competed fiercely for the other three spots.  Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band won the ensemble award and also took the drumming title.

In Grade 2, Manawatu No.2 got straight firsts from all  judges with Hamilton Caledonian Pipe Band finishing second.  This is set to be a great contest at the Nationals in Timaru, with the addition of a few other Grade 2 bands including Invercargill Pipe Band and St Andrews College Pipe Band.

Grade 3 Champions -Horowhenua Pipe Band

Grade 4 Champions – Scots College Pipe Band

Thanks to Jenny Mair and her team for hosting yet another fantastic Square Day contest. Well done to all of the bands involved!

Brought to you by your pipe band drumming supplier and educator.


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