Victoria Square Day Pipe Band Contest, New Zealand 2010

The Canterbury Caledonian Grade 1 Pipe Band enjoyed success as a band and drum corps at this year’s Victoria Square contest. The New Zealand Police travelled down from Wellington for the pipe band contest and put on two solid performances.

The St Andrews College Pipe Band (Juvenile) were the victors in the Grade 2 contest, competing against the current National Pipe Band Champions the Invercargill Pipe Band.

Grade 3 MSR

1st Canterbury Caledonian Royal Stewarts (1,1,2,2)

2nd South Canterbury Highland (2,2,1,1)

3rd John McGlashan College (3,3,3,3)

Grade 3 Medley

1st South Canterbury Highland (1,1,1,2)

2nd Canterbury Caledonian Royal Stewarts (2,2,2,1)

3rd John McGlashan College (3,3,3,3)

Grade 4 MSR

1st City of Invercargil Pipe Band No. 2 (1,1,1,1)

2nd Celtic Pipe Band (2,3,2,2)

3rd City of Nelson (4,2,3,3)

Grade 4 Medley

1st Celtic Pipe Band (1,1,1,4)

2nd City of Invercargil (2,2,2,1)

3rd City of Nelson (4,3,3,3)

Drumming Solo Results

Novice March – Hamish Gardner

D Grade March – Michael Jenkins

D Grade Strathspey – Brayden Drummond

C Grade – Aaron Mitchell

B Grade – Harrison Guy

A Grade – Jamie Mc Ewan


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