Pipe Band Drumming Products

Here at Come2Drum, we are delighted to let all you pipe band drummers know about some new products that we now stock.

Suffer from back pain? Then the Jim Kilpatrick Signature Drum Stand is for you. Features include independently adjustable legs for use on any surface. Height adjustable to maintain proper playing position. Built with ultra lightweight tempered aluminium alloy for maximum strength with folding tubular structure for easy transportation. Integrates with the Jim Kilpatrick Signature and other snare drum carriers for instant use.

The Remo PowerMax Bass and Tenor head range is one of the best products available – many of today’s top pipe bands are choosing to play with Remo products. We are delighted to announce that we now stock the full range and the heads are compatible with metal-rim and wooden-hoop tenor drums.


Alex Duthart – the name needs no introduction. He is the legend of pipe band drumming and totally evolved drumming to help it get where it is today.  Thankfully we can all enjoy his great compositions and rudiments as there are two volumes of his material put together. Every pipe band drummer must own a copy! We now have lots in stock here at the C2D Online Shop  – get yours today!




Keep posted for further Scottish drumming tips and products.


All the best,


James Laughlin



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