Scottish Drumming Video Lesson Series

You can now learn how to play the pipe band snare drum, at home on your computer or on the run with your iPhone or mobile device.  James Laughlin, World Champion snare drummer, has created informative and professional pipe band drumming video lessons, for drummers of all levels.


Simply download each lesson below, or purchase membership for the Come2Drum Studio which will give you access to lots of videos, drum scores, teaching guides and is updated with bonus video’s frequently.


Learn Pipe Band Drumming Video Lesson Series 1


Purchase the whole Series, and save 15% on the normal price.  This includes 17 Drumming Video lessons, packed full of informative and educational information, the series is presented in order to take you from the very start to mastery of the basics of Scottish drumming.


Buy the Series now, and enjoy your huge discount! 




James Laughlin

Come2Drum – your online resource for Pipe Band Drumming


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