What makes YOU love drumming?

I would love to know what makes you excited to play drums!?

For me, I got the drumming bug as a very young boy – and I really just haven’t grown out of it (some might say I have just never grown up!).

Feel free to comment and share your drumming joy!




9 thoughts on “What makes YOU love drumming?

  1. Hi James! I am new to drumming. My husband plays the pipes and I started to drum to keep him company. I have found that over the last year that I really enjoy playing ( all kinds of drums!!!) Am I any good? Probably not as good as any child just starting out, but I love it! That is motivation enough for me.

  2. I can’t remember a time in my life where a pipe band hasn’t been part of it. Im the fifth generation of my family to play either pipes or drums. I started out on side drum, tried out pipes and then was introduced to the tenor drum… From the first moment I picked up those sticks.. I was home! Ive tried to put them down on several ocassions… but I just can’t keep away from them!

    • Hi Lance!I totally know what you mean. Its something that’s in the blood and heritage!  Once you get into a pipe band, it becomes part of your family – something you will always have a close affinity to.Jwww.come2drum.com  

  3. It’s funny. My motivation and love for pipe bands came from a week of solid hard work many years ago with Alby Copland when i was young. Before then, i thought drumming was easy, i’d be the child in the back thinking i knew everything but Alby gave me a real eye-opener(!!!) and i will never forget that week. Ever since then, i’ve continued to critque every little thing to improve my technique. Now, i see every person (even a beginner in their first lesson) as a ‘better’ player than i and it’s just been that competive drive in my mind that has brought me to my love for drumming. If everyone is better than myself, then everyone has something to give and teach me which i love. Learning something new each day makes my day!

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