Drum Practice!

How are those New Years resolutions going?

The only way to make any progress with drumming, or any musical instrument for that matter, is to consistently practice throughout the year.

Try this :

Identify one weak area in your playing.

Ask a professional instructor to help you find a cure.

Practice for 15 minutes each day for one week.


I guarantee you will be a happy chappy!

There is no need for endless hour of practice – just focus on small bursts of productive practice!




Come2Drum offers the Worlds most comprehensive educational package for Scottish Snare Drumming. If you want to learn Scottish Drumming, become a drummer in a pipe band or just simply challenge your personal rudiment skills, then you should check out Come2Drum.


What’s on offer?


Scottish Drumming Instruction Videos

Scottish Drumming Skype Lessons

Scottish Drumming Books

Pipe Band Drumming Music


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