Finally – A Collection of 64 Pipe Band Drumming Scores!

James Laughlin, a World Champion Snare Drummer and highly respected Professional Drumming Teacher, has composed pipe band snare drum scores for 64 of the most popular Grade 4 Pipe Band Marches. 

James receives many requests for drum scores that will accompany some of the most famous bagpipe tunes played by the majority of pipe bands. James wanted to help by providing the Worlds largest library of drum scores for Pipe Band Marches that can be played by almost any Scottish Snare Drummer who possesses the fundamentals of drumming.

Image– The Worlds Largest Collection of Grade 4 Drum Scores

– 64 Drum Scores including MP3’s

– 2/4 Marches

– 3/4 Marches

– 4/4 Marches

– 6/8 Marches

– 9/8 Marches

Take a look at the Contents Page to see the full listing of scores.

All of this for only $49.99


Get your copy today!

James has a creative and musical approach to composing drum scores, his ensemble knowledge was greatly influenced by his years in the SFU Pipe Band along with an exciting Irish twist from his days growing up in Northern Ireland amongst great players and tutors such as Andrew Scullion, Bobby Rea, Gary Moore, Reid Maxwell and David Rea.


If you feel a drum score is too difficult or too simple for your needs, please email James and request that the score be modified to suit your skill level. If the drum score you are looking for is not featured in the book, email James and he will compose the score you require.



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