Top Spanish Snare Drummer reviews Pipe Band Drum Score Book

A top Spanish Snare drummer, Diego Celorio, reviewed the recently released Pipe Band Drum Score Collection. The book includes 64 Grade 4 Marches for Scottish drummers. It was composed by James Laughlin, a Professional Pipe Band Drumming Tutor.

You can check out the book at :


“Just have had a quick overlook at your new book, and I think it is awesome. Very good for all those bands looking for scores for those typical tunes every band plays. You can find lots of Grade 1 scores on the net but in the majority of the times, bands looking for scores are not grade 1 bands so, the scores you can find on the net don’t fit their needs, and now they all have a source for good scores fitting the melody and fit to their level. And of course the mp3 help to get the score sounding exactly as you wrote it. Great job James!” – Diego Puron Celoria, Spain



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