Australian Pipe Band Drummer reviews The Drum Score Collection

Rob Hayward is the leading drummer and tutor of the Gold Coast Tweed Pipe Band in Australia. He has kindly posted some very positive comments about the Pipe Band Drum score Collection.

“I have been looking over the ‘Grade 4 Drum Score Collection’ by James Laughlin for a couple of weeks now. All I can say is… Simply brilliant!

As a Drum Sergeant and tutor of a successful grade 4 band in Australia, I can definitely say that this book is an essential tool for creating a winning sound in your drum corps. The scores are well written, and easy to sight read. The Mp3 sound files that accompany the book are of very high quality sound, and played at an excellent tempo.

James has carefully and meticulously compiled a large number of scores into one book, with a wide range of difficulty. A simple setting for ‘High Road to Gairloch’, through to the best setting I have ever seen composed for ‘Blue Bells of Scotland’

I highly recommend this book of Marches to any drummer/tutor wishing to expand their tune base with high quality settings!
I look forward to future editions. “

Download Individual Scores for only $1.99 or enjoy all 64 for just $49.99!


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