Is Piping or Drumming a “Habit” in your life? … WELL IT SHOULD BE!

Probably the most challenging issue for all musicians, whether you’re a potential World Champion or just trying improve your technique, is maintaining your personal practice schedule as a HABIT.

You’ve been there before. You start doing something, an activity, and then you have a setback, something that throws you off your path. In reflection, you may say, “I used to do that without even thinking twice, why did I stop?”

It is extremely important to develop your personal practice as a habit – something that you do each and every day at the same time.  Everyone requires “purpose” or “meaning” in their lives, we also require it as pipers and drummers. If we don’t have a goal to work towards ( a competition, a concert, a performance, a lesson with our mentor) then why would we be motivated to practice?

Ask yourself if you are practicing regularly, and if you are not, then ask yourself if you have a purpose…what goals have you set yourself for the months ahead!

James Laughlin


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