Pipe Band Drumming eBooks – Reviews from Drummers around the World

It’s fantastic to know that people all over the World are enjoying the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming eBooks. Receiving emails and Facebook messages about personal success stories is very humbling and rewarding.  I would like to thank everyone who has purchased my eBooks – it makes all of the hours, weeks, months and years of hard work very much worth it!

Here’s a few of the reviews from the past 6 months :

Image  – “Check out James Laughlin’s new book!! I was lucky to see it it before release which means I’ve got a jump on all of you! Great mental work out for advanced drummers and has really lit a fire under my score writing. What a great tool! Thanks, James!” – Glenn Kvidhal, Leading Drummer of the LA SCOTS, USA


– “The most exciting, challenging and thorough book for pipe band drummers wanting to go to the next level. The best purchase I have made to further my drumming skills.” – John H, Canada


– “Three months with this book and I am finally getting top placings in Grade 1 solos – my goal of “professional” solos is now within sight! Thanks James!” – John D, Ireland

– “Just have had a quick overlook at your new book, and I think it is awesome. Very good for all those bands looking for scores for those typical tunes every band plays. You can find lots of Grade 1 scores on the net but in the majority of the times, bands looking for scores are not grade 1 bands so, the scores you can find on the net don’t fit their needs, and now they all have a source for good scores fitting the melody and fit to their level. And of course the mp3 help to get the score sounding exactly as you wrote it. Great job James!” – Diego Puron Celoria, Spain

– “James!!! Seriously man, this new book of Marches is insanely good! So many of the tunes that originally hooked me on pipe bands are in there (along with some that are completely new to me), and those scores that you have penned really just lift them, bringing even the most simple tunes alive. The sound bites really help too! I have been picking up these tunes quicker than ever before!

Awesome setup James, the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming books really helped my technique, now this book puts all that into practice…such great scores, beautifully phrased, they really are a joy to play!!! All we need now is your book of Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Jigs, Reels…keep them coming!” Simon Black, Northern Ireland.

– “I have been looking over the ‘Grade 4 Drum Score Collection’ by James Laughlin for a couple of weeks now. All I can say is… Simply brilliant!

As a Drum Sergeant and tutor of a successful grade 4 band in Australia, I can definitely say that this book is an essential tool for creating a winning sound in your drum corps. The scores are well written, and easy to sight read. The Mp3 sound files that accompany the book are of very high quality sound, and played at an excellent tempo.

James has carefully and meticulously compiled a large number of scores into one book, with a wide range of difficulty. A simple setting for ‘High Road to Gairloch’, through to the best setting I have ever seen composed for ‘Blue Bells of Scotland’

I highly recommend this book of Marches to any drummer/tutor wishing to expand their tune base with high quality settings!
I look forward to future editions. “ – Robert Hayward, Australia.


– “I have always wanted to learn Scottish Snare Drumming – my family’s heritage is Scottish. This eBook was amazing, and allowed me to master the basics, get onto a drum and play in a pipe band! All of this in less than a year!” – Michelle T,  USA


– “Years of bad habits – broken! James Laughlin’s Guide to Pipe Band Drumming fixed a lot of the fundamental mistakes I have been making for over 20 years. He has a very special way of presenting Scottish drumming in a simplistic and informative manner” – Patrick D, N.Ireland


– “The eBook comes with a hige amout of Audio tracks – they were so helpful as I am not a good reader of music. This book has opened so many doors for my drumming.” – Sean G, Canada

You can get your own copies of James Laughlins Pipe Band drumming Collection at www.come2drum.com

Whether you are a beginner, an experienced player or someone looking for teaching manuals – then you will find everything you need at Come2Drum.

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