The World Online Piping and Drumming Championships 2012 – Entries Closing on October 15th

The World Online Piping & Drumming Championships is a new and exciting way to compete against pipers, drummers, and pipe bands from around the world.

Each competitor will have the opportunity to compete for the title of World Online Piping & Drumming Champion and the chance to win prizes in several additional categories.

Enter today and join us in giving back to the community with our first-ever Make A Difference Prize.  Every competitor has the chance to win big for his or her own charity.Image

Here’s how the online competition works:

  • Pick the events you want to enter.  
  • Sign up by October 15.  Each event is limited to 30 competitors.
  • Make and submit your video recording by November 1 — this is your competition entry!
  • Our world-class judges will watch the videos and write each competitor a complete sheet of detailed comments.  
  • The complete results and winning videos will be posted for the world to see. 

Check out our new and expanded list of events and sign up today!

Please enter today and join us! Pledge your support today and help us expand our online competitions, scholarship programs, and educational initiatives

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