Pipe Band Drumming Lessons – Learning Effectively


Premier HTS 800 Pipe Band Drum

Pipe Band Drumming has evolved substantially in the last 10 years.  Through the power of the internet, people are able to access a plethora of pipe band drumming lessons, music and videos.  Scottish drumming “experts” have been popping up all over the place, as well as a few imposter’s.  Like anything nowadays, it’s easy to be misled on the internet – with individuals pretending they are something they are not.  I want to help you find the best possible pipe band drumming instruction so that you don’t waste your hard-earned money or time!

1) Do your research for a qualified pipe band drumming teacher. You can easily find out a lot about a pipe band drummer through a few google searches.

2)  Look at the pipe band drummer’s reputation. Are they a qualified instructor? Have they produced any good results with their students? Are they a successful performer themselves?

3) Don’t settle for less.  You can pay $40+ for a mediocre pipe band drumming instructor, or you can pay an extra $10 or $20 and get World-Class Scottish drumming lessons.  Many pipe band drummers simply attend band practice and hope to learn effectively.  In reality, it’s sometimes difficult to receive one-on-one quality tuition in a group environment.

4) Don’t be afraid to shop around. Perhaps try a few different scottish drumming instructors until you find someone who works for you. 

5) Buy yourself some great pipe band drumming sticks and a reasonable drum practice pad. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but do make sure you get a quality snare drum stick and practice pad. Check out some options for your pipe band drumming equipment here.

6) If you can’t find an instructor locally then look for a Pipe Band Drumming Tutor who teaches via Skype.  Whether you live in Glasgow, Belfast, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Cape Town or Dublin – you can get great pipe band drumming instruction via Skype.

7) Give yourself a good head start with pipe band drumming by investing in a good pipe band drumming book or tutor manual. There are a few fantastic Pipe Band Drumming books available including the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming and the Alex Duthart Book. Both books are internationally renowned and Best-Sellers in the pipe band drumming market for Scottish drumming students.

Another thing to consider : There are a small handful of qualified World Champion Pipe Band drummers teaching Scottish drumming via Skype. Not too many musicians can get drumming instruction from World Champions on their chosen instrument. Take Advantage!

If you want more information on Pipe Band Drumming – be sure to check out the internet’s Premier Resource for Pipe Band Drumming and Scottish Drumming Lessons – www.come2drum.com



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