Triumph Street – With Purpose : Pipe Band CD


To celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary, the Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band released its latest CD in 2012, With Purpose.

With Purpose was recorded at the beginning of May at Hipposonic Studios (formally known as Mushroom Studios), one of Vancouver’s premier recording facilities. The location has a long history and has recorded many great artists including Diana Ross and the Supremes, Led Zeppelin, Heart and Loverboy.

With Purpose was produced by Ian Casselman, drummer and founding member of Juno-nominated Marianas Trench, who appeared courtesy of 604 Records.

It goes without saying that Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band have made a massive impression on the pipe band world with their competitive success and musical innovation.  The band has featured regularly in the “Final” at the World Pipe Band Championships and has a full roster of highly skilled pipers and drummers.

The CD, for me, is a great balance of old and new. Within the ranks of the band, are some very innovative and musical composers. This is highlighted throughout the CD, but there is also a strong connection with the traditional. One of the most enjoyable tracks, actually, is “The Wee 4/4’s” – some great drum scores, beautiful harmonies and awesome tone.

“All the King’s Men” is a fantastic suite which shows off the musical talent of Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band and incorporates lots of hand percussion – toe-tapping stuff!  The drumming passages through here are very cheeky indeed.

Led by Pipe Major David Hilder and Leading Drummer Andre Tessier, the band delivers thirteen tracks of World-Class pipe band music. The level of technical delivery is excellent and the variety makes each and every track interesting – even after the fourth listen!

The direction that pipe band music is going excites me! If you want a taste of this exciting music, be sure to get the CD!

Download the CD here for just $9.99


2 thoughts on “Triumph Street – With Purpose : Pipe Band CD

  1. Hi James, It’s great to see you posting more! You always have great information. Thanks for that and keep it coming!

    Cheers Rick Campbell 


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