Get 64 Pipe Band Drum Scores for Free

You can now get your hands on the Drum Score Collection for Scottish Snare Drummers at the Come2Drum pipe band drum studio. All current members get full and free access to this material as well as all of the the current  educational and multimedia material included in the studio.

ImageYou can get access to the Worlds largest library of drum scores for Pipe Band Grade 4 Marches that can be played by almost any Scottish Snare Drummer who possesses the fundamentals of Scottish Snare drumming. 

Some of the most popular pipe band Marches are featured in the book including : Scotland The Brave, Teribus, Cabar Feidh, Green Hills of Tyrol, The Black Bear, Blue Bells of Scotland, Bathgate Highland Gathering, Corriechollies, Dornoch Highland Gathering, Flett from Flotta and many many more.  


Also – the book includes scottish drum settings for the RSPBA MAP scores. 

Access to the studio provides the user with the full Scottish Drum Lesson Video Series, The Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Books, The Pipe Band Drum Score Collection and many other scores.

Check out full details of the Scottish Drumming Studio. It’s simply the best place for learning the Scottish Snare drum, and by far the best value.


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