Limited Edition – For Pipers and Drummers

I thought it might be a good idea to let all of my bagpiping and drumming blog followers know that the ‘Our Journey’ book is now officially a limited edition collectors item.

The book, a first of its kind in the pipe band world, features personal and emotional stories from some of the greatest ever bagpipers, drummers and drum majors.  The pipe band world is such a small fraternity yet we know so little about the upbringing of our pipe band ‘idols’.  Not only are the stories intriguing but they are accompanied by some of the most amazing photography – thanks to Ryan MacDonald, Weatherly Schiele, Derek Maxwell and a handful of others.

So far, the reaction to the book has been overwhelming.  It’s a large hardback book that seems to be making its way onto most readers’ coffee tables  (according to the pics they are sending us and putting up on ourFB page)

However, we have decided that instead of reprinting the book, we are going to leave it as a collectors item – limited edition.  Pipers and drummers throughout the World have been grabbing their copies since its launch at the Piping Live Festival at the National Piping Centre.  You can get your copy directly from the Our Journey website.

Want your copy? Please get it before they all sell out. No further copies will be printed.

Cover Website


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