Pipe Band Book Review

Thank you to the RNZPBA Promotions Group for taking the time to send us a review of the pipe band hardback book, Our Journey.  Our Journey features over forty of the Worlds greatest pipe band drummers, bagpipers and pipe band drum majors.

Our Journey documents the paths taken by forty-two of the greatest pipers, drummers and drum majors in the world of pipe bands, who have collectively won more than 200 World Championships and Gold Medals, as told by each of them to James and Lisa Laughlin. Each recounts the journey they took to reach the heights of success in the world of piping and drumming and in doing so gives the reader a unique insight into what makes these people ‘tick’. Although the stories are all different there is commonality amongst them in each individual’s energy, drive and passion to succeed in their chosen discipline that will amaze and inspire the reader. Whilst the stories are of those from the world of pipe bands, they could equally be being told by anyone who has achieved at the highest level in any field of endeavour.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Lisa’s brother, Arran, who tragically lost his life in a car accident at the age of nineteen after playing for six years with the six times World Championship winning Simon Fraser University Pipe Band . James then played in the same drum corps for six years following Arran and it is a mark of the affection and respect with which Lisa and James are held amongst the pipe band fraternity that these identities were willing to share their very personal stories with them.

This book is extremely well written and each chapter flows through the background information provided by the authors and the subject’s own words and thoughts. Having forty-two individual chapters, each on a different ‘topic’, the book can be picked up and put down at any time and as such it is an essential addition to any coffee table. The other feature is it’s outstanding presentation, layout and photography and I was astounded to find that James and Lisa had sourced a company in South Korea to achieve this, another indication of the lengths to which they have gone to achieve a quality production. I commend this book to anyone with an interest in pipe bands and piping or drumming or anyone seeking an insight in to what it takes for champions like these to reach the pinnacle of success.”

Grant Carroll,


Promotions Group,

Royal New Zealand Pipe Bands’ Association.

To check out the book, and more reviews, please go to www.PipeBandJourney.com


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