NEWS : New Zealand Pipe Band Championships

It’s only a matter of weeks until the New Zealand Pipe Band Championships 2014 in Tauranga.  I am very excited to be attending and Im really looking forward to hearing all of the bands competing. 

You will be glad to know that I have all of the drumming essentials here in stock to ensure that you get the very best sound.  Snare Heads (for Pearl, Premier and Andante), Tenor and Bass Heads (for Pearl, Premier and Andante), Snare Wires (for Pearl, Premier and Andante), all sorts of snare drum sticks, a full selection of TyFry Tenor Mallets, tuning equipment and much more.

Also I have some GREAT prices on all of these products.  Many of our heads, sticks and accessories are the most competitively priced in the country.  Please flick me an email ( if you would like any help or to chat about bulk pricing.  Or you can pick up the phone if you want to have a chat about tuning!

Also, the brand new Jim Kilpatrick Snare Drum Carrier has just arrived in the Southern Hemisphere – we are delighted to be stocking it. It’s simply the best!



All the very best to everyone




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