Every drum score for free ..

Ok drummers, I need your input and help with this one. I’m pretty convinced that I want to make all of my drum scores available for free. The pipe band drumming world has done so many positive things for me and my family and I feel it would be a small thank you to share my music for those who want to play it.

1) Do you think this is a good idea?

2) What would be the best platform to make them available?

Thanks in advance.


15 thoughts on “Every drum score for free ..

  1. Hi

    Stephen Rodden yes please I lost all your scores and the email book when my laptop died taking it all with it

    F..k we’ll catch up when I come over the secsond half of this year

  2. Yes please. It would be great to have them. Format ?? PDF’s work well for me.
    It is also great to see some photos of the family. You son is growing. Cheers

  3. Hi James, very noble of you to share your music writing ability with the greater pipe band world. I think PDF would be the best format to preserve them in your original composition and it’s available to all. Rather than a music writing program file that not everyone will have access to. Then simply publish them to your website/blog.

  4. Great idea! Definitely PFD format! Will it include mass band scores? Will it include different grade levels? Will it include MP3 recordings or will that be separate? Is this going to be a surprise or a mystery? Lol!

  5. Good karma for you, and the thought of other bands playing your scores must be a reward in and of itself.
    PDF would appear to be the way to go if you decide to offer your work.
    Anyone taking advantage of such an offer should “pay it forward” and offer something free to someone else, or pay for the persons meal coming behind you in the drive thru, anything to keep the good vibes flowing.

  6. Hi James. First off, this is a very generous gesture! As far as a platform goes I suppose your website would be the most obvious choice. I have also wondered if there would ever be a demand for a drum score ETSY type of web store where composers could submit scores in PDF form with audio/video recordings and receive fair compensation. It might be a rather complicated venture to get it set up however. So far it remains a pipe dream of mine but maybe I’ll get in gear and try to make something like that happen in the near future. Again, most generous of you!

  7. That would be fantastic! Playing with a pipe band is already so expensive and not everyone has the talent or understanding to write their own drum parts. There are so many great free music resources (leveled for progression) available for pipers. I would love so see something much the same available for drummers development. Music is about sharing tradition and knowledge and this would be a great start! We are blessed when we share our knowledge and experiences with future generations and I think its great you are considering this! Cheers from America Mate!
    PDF is user friendly and seems available to most people.

  8. I think this is very noble of you. Years ago I was with a pipe band in San Diego CA and our drum sergeant provided the music for us, some of it he wrote and some from other bands. I still have some of it and now I just joined a new band after a long time not playing and I’m the only snare drummer trying to come up with drum scores for the tunes. I have a couple of yours and they are excellent. It is difficult for an isolated drummer to find good drum scores. I think PDF is the best format and maybe have people register with your website in order to download. I know a lot of work goes into developing drum scores that play well with the tunes and you will be blessed for your generosity.

  9. I dunno. It’s a lovely idea, but tends to encourage the “race to the bottom” for content providers and composers. This is only exacerbated by the fact that piping (not to mention drumming) composers find their licensed material being shared all the time without permission already.

    But – it’s your IP. It’s up to you!

  10. Late to the game here, but I think this is a wonderful idea! I agree PDF would be the best format (keeps file integrity and also if it’s a read-only can’t be altered), and obviously shared via your site. However, I wonder if it might be worth looking into ad revenue. That way, it’s free for us, but maybe we have to watch a little ad to get it. You get ad revenue which helps you to create and keep content free, we get free music, advertisers get their ads out there. Win win win!

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