NEWS : New Zealand Pipe Band Championships

It’s only a matter of weeks until the New Zealand Pipe Band Championships 2014 in Tauranga.  I am very excited to be attending and Im really looking forward to hearing all of the bands competing. 

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All the very best to everyone



Pipe Band Drumming in Australia and Canada


Pipe Band Drumming is no different to any other instrument, it requires practice, structure and guidance.

Different people learn in different ways and at different speeds. However, I feel that beginners should be given the opportunity to develop the basics in an orderly and logical pattern.  Too many students seem to go randomly from one rudiment to the next in an attempt to get onto their first, second or third drum score.

During my travels around Australia and Canada (two geographically huge countries!) I encountered some interesting situations with rural scottish pipe bands, (not all of them might I add).  The issue generally related to the number, or lack thereof, drummers.  There seems to be a shortage of scottish snare drummers in the rural areas in these big countries. However, if you look at the major cities – pipe band drumming is thriving.  


This was not always the case – the majority of rural bands used to be vibrant and had huge numbers. However, things seem to be changing or at least going through a dry spell.  It seems that pipe band drum corps’ nowadays need to be in the 7+ side drummers category as a minimum. Many of the city bands have upwards of 10 side drummers, 6 tenors and a Bass Drummer.

Many of the pipe band members in these area’s talked of their frustration and concern. Many of them couldn’t compete as they didn’t have enough drummers – lots of the bands in rural areas have dis-banded in the past 15 years.  The causes seem to be : Lack of interest in pipe band drumming in modern society, young people having “too many options” now, the big city bands attracting the young drummers when they leave small towns to attend University in the “big smoke”.

Honestly, I have to agree with a lot of these reasons. But I certainly think there is a solution.  I think the key is having a motivated and passionate drum tutor and pipe major. Scottish drumming is certainly thriving throughout the world – more so than ever, and the rural areas need be no different.

The other key ingredient – structured learning with clear goals.

Too many country bands are in a hurry to get drummers from learner level, to the drum and onto their first pipe band drum score. I hear horror stories all the time about drummers being expected to play the band’s march medley on a drum within 6 months of holding the sticks. Sometimes this is possible, with a little drummer genius – but in general, the first 6-12 months should be spent on rudiment development and perhaps grasping a basic tune. 

I understand that getting on the drum and playing tunes is the biggest motivation for the drummer, however, the instructor should make a point to reinforce the importance of the basics. Making the rudiments fun, is key! Often playing them along to dance music can be enjoyable for learners .  

I personally use a check list for all of my learners right through to the point that they are competing in Grade 2.  I use the Check List along with the Guide to Pipe Band drumming books, The Scottish Drumming Lessons (Video’s) and one-on-one pipe band drumming tuition. 

I really do hope that the rural bands in general, will thrive again and build back to where they used to be. There are some currently some FANTASTIC rural bands throughout Australia and Canada, and it would be fantastic to see many more flourish with healthy numbers.  They are such a vital part of the Scottish Pipe Band community – long may they continue.

Happy Drumming!

World Masters Pipe Band Workshop

Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Richard Hawke, James Laughlin, Stuart Liddell, Greg Wilson, Grant Cassidy & Kyle Warren are the tutors at the World Masters Pipe Band Workshop in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This 3 day workshop, 28th Sept 2012 – 30th Sept 2012, gives participants the opportunity of a lifetime to meet and learn from tutors who have collectively won 60 World Championship titles.  Jim Kilpatrick MBE will be heading the drumming faculty, a World Solo Drumming Champion (many times over),  the current Leading Drummer of the World Champion Drum Corps, Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band and the most decorated pipe band drummer in the World.

Not only will the participants enjoy World Class tutoring, they will also get to see all of the tutors perform in a concert along with the Canterbury Caledonian, New Zealand Champion Grade 1 Pipe Band.  To add another dimension to the 3 day workshop, Jim Kilpatrick and Tyler Fry will be hosting the first ever “Drumming For Drinks” contest – a world famous drumming event.

To register or get more information please visit the Official World Masters Pipe Band Workshop website.

Canterbury wins New Zealand Pipe Band Championship


Canterbury Caledonian won their first Grade 1 National Pipe Band Championships on Saturday in Tauranga, under sunny, hot skies. Auckland and District took the MSR on Ensemble preference, and the Canterbury Caledonian took the Medley. Canterbury also took the Grade 1 drumming prize, the Westpac and Kitto Cups for mid section and flourishing, and the street march.

In Grade 2, Morrabin made a clean sweep of the contest – winning straight firsts. City of Invercargill settled for second, whilst St Andrews College – winners of the Juvenile event – took third.

Grade 3 was won by Wynnum RSL, with South Canterbury and Canterbury Caledonian Royal Stewarts taking 2nd and third. Celtic Pipe Band from Stoke won Grade 4 A, and Otahahu Pipe Band took out 4B.

1st Auckland & District (4,1,1,2)
2nd Canterbury Caledonia (1,4,2,1)
3rd Manawatu Scottish (2,2,3,3)
4th New Zealand Police (3,3,4,4)
Judges: Brian Niven, N. Foster (piping); C. Meinsmith (ensemble); S. Eeles (drumming)


1st Canterbury Caledonia (2,1,2,2)
2nd Auckland & District (1,3,4,1)
3rd Manawatu Scottish (3,2,3,3)
4th New Zealand Police (4,4,1,4)
Judges: Brian Switalla, Brendon Eade (piping); Bill Livingstone (ensemble); R. Turner (drumming)

Learn Scottish Drumming

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The past few months in the pipe band world….

I thought I might give you guys a wee insight to the past few months, and some of the exciting things that have been going on!

August – I went to Scotland for the World Pipe Band Championships and also attended a few other highland games whilst I was there.  Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band, the band I am part of, ventured on the long journey to Scotland for a second year running.

September – Drumming Workshops in Noosa and Canberra were on the cards in September, alongside Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Jori Chisholm and many others!

October – I am the luckiest man on earth, as I married Lisa Campbell.

Currently I am in Scotland, rehearsing for the World Solo drumming championships this Saturday.  It will be great to play a tune or two and also catch up with all of my pipe band drumming buddies….

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Pipe Band Drumming Workshop

Well, it happened again….only it was even bigger and better than ever.

The Canberra College of Piping and Drumming hosted their annual Workshop for bagpipers and drummers. This special event brought in players from all over Australia, U.K and New Zealand. The Worlds top piping and drumming experts offered their advice, skills and knowledge.

The teaching line-up included Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Jori Chisholm, Greg Wilson, Stuart Liddell, James Laughlin, Brenton Earl, Richard Hawke, Grant Cassidy and Ken Maltman.

Pipe Band drumming lessons were offered to students of all levels.  People arrived, wanting to know how to play the Scottish drums, and they left with all the skills and ability to play the pipe band drum!

What topics were covered at the pipe band drumming workshop ?

Drum Rolls

Paradiddle Development

Rhythmic Exercises

Playing drum scores

And way more!

James Laughlin released his new book, Learn Pipe Band Drumming Volume 2, at the Canberra piping and drumming workshop. You can get your hands on a copy here.  If you are just starting to learn pipe band drumming, then James Laughlins Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 1 would be the best option for you!

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