More drum scores added to the Library

My large compilation of drum scores has just gotten a little larger. I have added another 20 compositions to my library and will continue to add further scores in the New Year. Come on over and check out the scores.

Newest scores added this month include :

King George V’s Army

Colonel McLeod

The Hills of Argyll

The High Road to Linton

Mrs MacLeod of Raasay

Rocking the Baby

The Caledonian Canal

The Pikemans March

The Crusaders March

Pay the Piper

Mozart on the Rampage

Captain Horne

Molly Connell

The Old Rustic Bridge

The Dunkirk Boatmen

The Campbelltown Kiltie Ball

Hag at the Churn


Maids of the Black Glen

The Famous Ballymote

Electric Chopsticks


I hope you enjoy the scores.



Get 64 Pipe Band Drum Scores for Free

You can now get your hands on the Drum Score Collection for Scottish Snare Drummers at the Come2Drum pipe band drum studio. All current members get full and free access to this material as well as all of the the current  educational and multimedia material included in the studio.

ImageYou can get access to the Worlds largest library of drum scores for Pipe Band Grade 4 Marches that can be played by almost any Scottish Snare Drummer who possesses the fundamentals of Scottish Snare drumming. 

Some of the most popular pipe band Marches are featured in the book including : Scotland The Brave, Teribus, Cabar Feidh, Green Hills of Tyrol, The Black Bear, Blue Bells of Scotland, Bathgate Highland Gathering, Corriechollies, Dornoch Highland Gathering, Flett from Flotta and many many more.  


Also – the book includes scottish drum settings for the RSPBA MAP scores. 

Access to the studio provides the user with the full Scottish Drum Lesson Video Series, The Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Books, The Pipe Band Drum Score Collection and many other scores.

Check out full details of the Scottish Drumming Studio. It’s simply the best place for learning the Scottish Snare drum, and by far the best value.


Pipe Band Drumming Music – and why it’s so important to be unique.

Have you ever wished you could just get a pipe band drum setting for a pipe tune your band is playing? Or have you ever hoped you could get your hands on a pipe band drum score for a cool solo tune you want to perform at a highland games?

Well, like the rest of us pipe band drummers, you are in the same boat as us. It seems that being a bagpiper is easy – after all, they have a plethora of music books to choose great music from : Old and New!  However, being a pipe band drummer comes as a challenge. Each leading drummer likes to establish his or her own “Style” of drumming, and likes to stamp their authority on it musically and technically. This means they have to take the time to compose a finely crafted drum setting to compliment the bagpipe tune.

Often, bagpipers will ask me, why do drummers not just have a “set” pipe band drum setting? Well, it’s a great question. It really would be fantastic if we had a generic pipe band drum score for every scottish bagpipe tune. However, it would really smother the creativity and passion of pipe band drumming music.

Each Scottish snare drummer is able to express their interpretation of the bagpipe melody.  Many drummers are territorial when it comes to their music, their style and ultimately their scottish snare drum score. Around the highland games, and pipe band contests I have often overheard drummers criticising or bashing other pipe band drum scores. To be honest, I think it is really important to embrace the individuality of each pipe band drummer and their chosen style.

For example, I personally love listening to SFU pipe band, Shotts and Dykehead, Field Marshall Montgomery and St Laurence O’Toole. However, each of these pipe band drumming styles is EXTREMELY different. Jim Kilpatrick, Reid Maxwell, Keith Orr and Stephen Creighton all have unique musical styles and drum settings. However, they are all equally interesting and refreshing. How boring would it be if we all had to play one style?

It would be fair to say that Pipe band drumming music has been shaped by a handful “pipe band legends” over the past 100 years. Alex Duthart, John Seton, Alex McCormick, Bert Barr, Bobby Rea, Paul Turner, Harold Gillespie, Jim Kilpatrick, Reid Maxwell, John Scullion and Joe Noble to name a few. All of these pipe band snare drummers have influenced todays style. I would have to say that my own pipe band drumming “style” is heavily influenced by a mixture of drumming mentors.  I thoroughly enjoyed listening to many of the Worlds best pipe band drummers as a youngster. Little did I know at that age, that I was absorbing their style and expression into my subconscious memory. Today, I often get remarks from listeners that my drum scores remind them of one drummer, and another bystander will say they get flashbacks of a totally different drummer from years past.

Many people contact me asking for pipe band drum scores for settings. I have managed to build up a very extensive pipe band drum score collection throughout the years. I also get many people asking me to transcribe scores from a top band that they heard on a CD – I really enjoy composing – it’s almost therapeutic!

Nowadays, pipe band drummers have lots of great tools at their fingertips. You should check out the amazing pipe band drum scores with the links below.

Whatever you do – embrace all of the pipe band drumming styles and enjoy them for what they are.

The Pipe Band Drum Score Collection for Grade 4

The Royal Ulster Constabulary Drum Scores

The Alex Duthart Pipe Band Drumming Books

Learn Pipe Band Drumming Collection

Top Spanish Snare Drummer reviews Pipe Band Drum Score Book

A top Spanish Snare drummer, Diego Celorio, reviewed the recently released Pipe Band Drum Score Collection. The book includes 64 Grade 4 Marches for Scottish drummers. It was composed by James Laughlin, a Professional Pipe Band Drumming Tutor.

You can check out the book at :


“Just have had a quick overlook at your new book, and I think it is awesome. Very good for all those bands looking for scores for those typical tunes every band plays. You can find lots of Grade 1 scores on the net but in the majority of the times, bands looking for scores are not grade 1 bands so, the scores you can find on the net don’t fit their needs, and now they all have a source for good scores fitting the melody and fit to their level. And of course the mp3 help to get the score sounding exactly as you wrote it. Great job James!” – Diego Puron Celoria, Spain


A review of the Pipe Band Drum Score Collection

A Northern Ireland Drummer, Simon Black, reviewed my most recent drum score collection. Thanks Simon!

You can check out the book at :

“James!!! Seriously man, this new book of Marches is insanely good! So many of the tunes that originally hooked me on pipe bands are in there (along with some that are completely new to me), and those scores that you have penned really just lift them, bringing even the most simple tunes alive. The sound bites really help too! I have been picking up these tunes quicker than ever before!

Awesome setup James, the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming books really helped my technique, now this book puts all that into practice…such great scores, beautifully phrased, they really are a joy to play!!! All we need now is your book of Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Jigs, Reels…keep them coming!”Image

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