Win a Premier HTS 800 Scottish Snare Drum – Silver Sparkle.

Have you ever wanted to own your own Scottish Snare drum? Have you ever wanted to have a really flash-looking solo drum?  Well now is your chance. is offering you the chance to win the drum pictured below, it is a Silver Sparkle Premier Percussion HTS 800 Snare Drum. It has diamond chrome metalwork, with some of the best features a drum can have.

Come2Drum is putting all of its Studio members into the prize draw, to be drawn in January.  So if you sign up for a one year membership (only $99 NZD), you will get access to professional Scottish Drumming Instruction Videos, Scottish Drumming Audio Lessons, The Complete Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Collection, Scottish Drumming music AND the chance to win this beautiful Snare Drum.

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Come2Drum offers the Worlds most comprehensive educational package for Scottish Snare Drumming. If you want to learn Scottish Drumming, become a drummer in a pipe band or just simply challenge your personal rudiment skills, then you should check out Come2Drum.

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Take YOUR pipe band drumming to the next level!

That’s right – You can now challenge yourself with the more advanced Volume 2 book of Pipe Band Drumming.  James Laughlin has just released the second volume, following on from the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 1 (for learners).

The core of the book is based on structured step-by-step development of the three key skills required to improve your drumming. RHYTHM, PHRASING and TECHNIQUE. In addition to the book, you can use the accompanying audio tracks to enhance your learning experience.

What have drummers been saying about the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 2?

“Hey James, I just wanted to let you know I got your new book and am loving it.” – Andrew Hoinacki, Top Grade 1 Scottish Drummer.

“Check out James Laughlin’s new book!! I was lucky to see it it before release which means I’ve got a jump on all of you! haha Great mental work out for advanced drummers and has really lit a fire under my score writing. What a great tool! Thanks, James! ” – Glenn Kvidahl, Leading Drummer with the LA Scots Pipe Band.

Check out more information about the book, and the AUDIO TRACKS!

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New Pipe Band Drum Scores

Check out the COME2DRUM Studio – the Worlds only Scottish drumming studio.. You can learn to play the Scottish drums from scratch, develop your skills with advanced pipe band drumming video lessons, and access a plethora of pipe band drumming music.

James Laughlin just added another 12 top drum scores to the Studio today.  The new scottish drum scores are all accompanied with MP3 recordings to aid your learning. Some of the top drum scores include Black Bear, Barren Rocks of Aden, Hugh Kennedy, Bathgate Highland Gathering, Teribus, Greenwoodside and many more!

To get access to all of these great pipe band drumming scores and lessons just sign up for a membership.




James Laughlin


Drumming Solo Results, Christchurch 2010

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2010 Kaiapoi pipe band drumming solos.  I would like to congratulate all of the prize winners in all of the grades.  In particular, well done to a few of my students from St Andrews College who attained the following results below :

Under 21 MSR Event

1st Place Jake Broadhurst, 2nd Place Aaron Mitchell, 3rd Place James Murray

B Grade Drumming

1st Place Harry Guy, 2nd Place Hamish Petersen

C Grade Drumming

1st Place Jake Broadhurst, 2nd Place Aaron Mitchell

D Grade Drumming

March Event

1st Place James Murray, 3rd Place Michael Jenkins

Strathspey and Reel Event

1st Place Michael Jenkins, 3rd Place Miles Dover

Novice Drumming

1st place  = Madison Taylor & Miles Dover, 2nd Place Mat MacGeorge

Pipe Band Drum Scores from the RUC – for instant download

For all of you pipe band drumming enthusiasts out there, you can now download the Pipe Band Drumming Compositions Book by the RUC Drum Corps.  Featured composers include the late Bobby Rea, Gary Corkin, Robert Holland and other drummers from the RUC drum corps.

The RUC Drum corps became World Champions in 2000 at the World Pipe Band Championships – they are renowned as one of the Worlds finest drum corps’.

Some personal highlights from the book – Bobby Rea’s Lord Alexander Kennedy, his score for the Cameronian Rant and Robert Holland’s Cathy’s Willie Reel that featured in the Worlds Medley of 2000.

These scores are ideal for the intermediate and advanced Scottish drummer, many of todays top professional pipe band drummers are playing these scores.

You can now download the book instantly from or you can even just download one chapter at a time.

I hope you all enjoy these top pipe band drum scores.

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Learn More About Scottish Drums

Many people often ask “what is the difference between the snare drum, the big drum and the other drum!?”.  Well, each of the drums within the pipe band has a unique role and function.

The Scottish Side Drum ( also known as the scottish snare drum, the high tension side drum or the pipe band snare) is the high-pitched drum with a very high-tension system.  The top head is made of Kevlar (Remo Cyber max and the Andante Core Tec are the two main brands) and the bottom head is made of mylar(Remo Ambassador is the main brand).  The key drum manufacturers are Andante Percussion, Pearl and Premier. They all make a great drum but they all offer different benefits. 

The Scottish Tenor Drum is a much lower and richer sounding drum than the side drum. It is also played with different mallets (the TyFry Tenor Mallet is the most commonly played mallet universally) that produce a much softer and more subtle sound.  Tenor drummers also create a very cool visual effect by flourishing or “twirling” the sticks. Check out this video to see for yourself.  Both the top and bottom head are made from mylar (Remo PowerMax and Aquarian Hosbilt are the main brands).

The Scottish Bass Drum – this is a much larger (usually 28″ by 16″) drum and produces a very rich and deep sound in comparison to the other drums.  Again, this drum is played with a mallet – much softer than the side drum sticks.  The Bass drum is considered the “heart-beat” of the band. Both heads are also made of mylar and are often decorated with logos.  Hosbilt, Andante, Pearl and Premier all manufacture quality bass drums.

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There are also some learning options for those of you who would like to learn Scottish Drumming.  You can download the “Guide to Pipe Band Snare Drumming” instantly from

So what is available to those who want to learn more about Scottish drumming?

Learn Pipe Band Drumming Book and MP3′s – Available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD or a hard copy book. The perfect start for any snare drummer. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediate player trying to improve the basics, or a drummer with a different background dabbling in scottish drumming for the first time, this 65 page e-book and 43 track MP3 accompaniment outlines snare drumming from the very basics of learning how to hold the stick, understanding basic theory, developing basic rhythms, mastering the essential rudiments and learning your first drum settings.

Scottish Drum Scores to Download –

The collection of pipe band drum scores are all composed by James Laughlin.  James focusses strongly on the ensemble aspect of composition, all drum scores match and enhance the bagpipe melody to offer the listener a balance of excitement and swing. Click on your favourite pipe band drum score and have it instantly in your inbox with a clearly written drum score, and a high quality recording!

Free Pipe Band Drum Socres –  Enjoy 100 + Free Scottish drum scores at

Online Pipe Band Drumming Lessons – Scottish drumming lessons available to anyone in the World who wants to enjoy quality tuition from a World Champion drummer.   The drumming lessons are performed over Skype with web cam and mic – the results have been amazing!

You can also check out the following Youtube, Twitter and Facebook pages to keep you informed with information about Scottish drumming and the Pipe Band scene :

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