Every drum score for free ..

Ok drummers, I need your input and help with this one. I’m pretty convinced that I want to make all of my drum scores available for free. The pipe band drumming world has done so many positive things for me and my family and I feel it would be a small thank you to share my music for those who want to play it.

1) Do you think this is a good idea?

2) What would be the best platform to make them available?

Thanks in advance.


Pipe Band Drumming – do we ever stop learning …

Pipe band drumming workshops and scottish drumming clinics are always a great source of inspiration for the attendees AND the instructors.  I have been fortunate enough to have been on both sides of the table.  I recall as a young pipe band drummer going along to scottish drumming schools or clinics.  It was the most amazing opportunity for me to pick the brains of the tutors and learn what I could to improve my playing.

As a young pipe band snare drummer, I didn’t have the most refined technique – in fact it was pretty average (actually it wasn’t pretty at all!!) and instead, I focussed on the pipe band drum scores.  At those initial workshops, I would simply want to collect as many scores as possible and play through Hornpipes, Jigs and Reels.  Little did I realise, that to get better at the “fun” stuff, I had to improve my technique.

What is technique? Well, it’s simple really.  It’s how you hold your scottish snare drum sticks, the position of them and the balance.  And it’s also how you propel and catch each and every stroke.  It sounds like something you can cover in a 30 minute session drumming lesson but in fact it’s something that pipe band drummers must continually work at.

I recall sitting down with pipe band drumming legend, Jim Kilpatrick, three years ago.  It was the very first time I had sat one-on-one with him and it was enlightening.  Within minutes I was fully aware that I was gripping the sticks too tightly, working too hard and generally being too tense.  Jim, in his relaxed and professional teaching approach, showed me some fantastic scottish drumming technique exercises.  He made it all look so simple.  I found it very difficult!  I have shared this story before, and many people have responded – “But you have won the world pipe band championships several times before, why change what you are doing?!”.  Well, simply – I want to learn and I want to improve.

All musicians (including bagpipers and scottish drummers) should be on a mission to constantly improve.  Once you lose your appetite to learn – you may as well give up.  This past weekend in New Zealand, Jim Kilpatrick taught at the World Masters Workshop for bagpipers and pipe band drummers.  I had the fortune to sit in on one of his technique classes.  I felt my technique was more relaxed and fluid than our session a few years ago. However, I also realised how far I have to go and Jim was able to challenge me on other areas – including mental strength whilst playing.  He also admitted to the class that he is on a relentless journey to learn and improve his technique and understanding of pipe band drumming.

My greatest joy in pipe band drumming is not competing.  It is teaching. Teaching pipe band drumming to enthusiastic students is the most rewarding part of my career.  For all you pipe band drummers out there who teach, I hope you are still passionate about learning – that way, you will be sure to pass on a solid and rounded approach to your pipe band drumming students.

The journey of learning pipe band drumming continues for me … almost 20 years on!

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Pipe Band Drumming Lessons – Learning Effectively


Premier HTS 800 Pipe Band Drum

Pipe Band Drumming has evolved substantially in the last 10 years.  Through the power of the internet, people are able to access a plethora of pipe band drumming lessons, music and videos.  Scottish drumming “experts” have been popping up all over the place, as well as a few imposter’s.  Like anything nowadays, it’s easy to be misled on the internet – with individuals pretending they are something they are not.  I want to help you find the best possible pipe band drumming instruction so that you don’t waste your hard-earned money or time!

1) Do your research for a qualified pipe band drumming teacher. You can easily find out a lot about a pipe band drummer through a few google searches.

2)  Look at the pipe band drummer’s reputation. Are they a qualified instructor? Have they produced any good results with their students? Are they a successful performer themselves?

3) Don’t settle for less.  You can pay $40+ for a mediocre pipe band drumming instructor, or you can pay an extra $10 or $20 and get World-Class Scottish drumming lessons.  Many pipe band drummers simply attend band practice and hope to learn effectively.  In reality, it’s sometimes difficult to receive one-on-one quality tuition in a group environment.

4) Don’t be afraid to shop around. Perhaps try a few different scottish drumming instructors until you find someone who works for you. 

5) Buy yourself some great pipe band drumming sticks and a reasonable drum practice pad. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but do make sure you get a quality snare drum stick and practice pad. Check out some options for your pipe band drumming equipment here.

6) If you can’t find an instructor locally then look for a Pipe Band Drumming Tutor who teaches via Skype.  Whether you live in Glasgow, Belfast, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Cape Town or Dublin – you can get great pipe band drumming instruction via Skype.

7) Give yourself a good head start with pipe band drumming by investing in a good pipe band drumming book or tutor manual. There are a few fantastic Pipe Band Drumming books available including the Guide to Pipe Band Drumming and the Alex Duthart Book. Both books are internationally renowned and Best-Sellers in the pipe band drumming market for Scottish drumming students.

Another thing to consider : There are a small handful of qualified World Champion Pipe Band drummers teaching Scottish drumming via Skype. Not too many musicians can get drumming instruction from World Champions on their chosen instrument. Take Advantage!

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Pipe Band Results from New Zealand

Palmerston North hosted another fantastic pipe band competition this past weekend. Bands from all over New Zealand (and one from OZ) – travelled to Palmy to compete for the title.

The Manawatu band won the Grade 1 event overall.  The Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band from Christchurch won the Grade 1 Medley and took 2nd place overall in the contest. Auckland and District Pipe Band, former National Champions, took third place.

The Canterbury Caledonian drum corps proudly played on their Premier HTS 800 Snare drums. Canterbury recently became the first  New Zealand pipe band to receive a drum endorsement from World famous Premier Percussion.


Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band Drum Corps.


Well done to everyone involved!




James Laughlin


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Make sure and “tap” into your potential.

The past few months in the pipe band world….

I thought I might give you guys a wee insight to the past few months, and some of the exciting things that have been going on!

August – I went to Scotland for the World Pipe Band Championships and also attended a few other highland games whilst I was there.  Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band, the band I am part of, ventured on the long journey to Scotland for a second year running.

September – Drumming Workshops in Noosa and Canberra were on the cards in September, alongside Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Jori Chisholm and many others!

October – I am the luckiest man on earth, as I married Lisa Campbell.

Currently I am in Scotland, rehearsing for the World Solo drumming championships this Saturday.  It will be great to play a tune or two and also catch up with all of my pipe band drumming buddies….

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Pipe Band Drumming Workshop

Well, it happened again….only it was even bigger and better than ever.

The Canberra College of Piping and Drumming hosted their annual Workshop for bagpipers and drummers. This special event brought in players from all over Australia, U.K and New Zealand. The Worlds top piping and drumming experts offered their advice, skills and knowledge.

The teaching line-up included Jim Kilpatrick, Tyler Fry, Jori Chisholm, Greg Wilson, Stuart Liddell, James Laughlin, Brenton Earl, Richard Hawke, Grant Cassidy and Ken Maltman.

Pipe Band drumming lessons were offered to students of all levels.  People arrived, wanting to know how to play the Scottish drums, and they left with all the skills and ability to play the pipe band drum!

What topics were covered at the pipe band drumming workshop ?

Drum Rolls

Paradiddle Development

Rhythmic Exercises

Playing drum scores

And way more!

James Laughlin released his new book, Learn Pipe Band Drumming Volume 2, at the Canberra piping and drumming workshop. You can get your hands on a copy here.  If you are just starting to learn pipe band drumming, then James Laughlins Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 1 would be the best option for you!

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